Join the Virtual Summit Exhibition!

Join the Virtual Summit Exhibition!

The organisers of the Vision Zero Summit 2022 have the great pleasure to invite OSH-Administrations, OSH-organisations, OSH-research and training centers, OSH-consultancies, producers of Personal Protective Equipment and other companies belonging to the global OSH-sector to present your organisation at the Virtual Summit Exhibition.

Joining the Exhibition, you will have a unique opportunity to profile your organization and engage with thousands of delegates from around the world.

In addition the Exhibition will be launched on the public Vision Zero Summit website already weeks before the Summit, on 1 April 2022, which will considerably increase the number of visitors and further contribute to the promotion of your organization.

With a variety of exhibition stand options available, you can customize your organization’s presentation on the international stage and build your global network.

Learn more about these attractive stand options, which all include free Summit admissions for the exhibitors at Exhibition page. Our Summit planner, the International ORP Foundation looks forward to assisting you in your choice of stand and to designing it in line with your specifications.